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I Don't Like Working Out

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

A new way to see exercise if you're a Christian who struggles finding motivation workout or start your health journey.

If this is your reason for not exercising I need to ask you what else you don't do that you should do because you don't want to. Do you share the gospel? Do you track your finances? Do you tithe? I might also ask you what you do despite the fact that you rarely feel like it. Do you do laundry? Do you go to work?

Some of the things we do all of the time are things we don't enjoy but if gone undone bear rotten fruit. Exercise is no different for the simple fact that a sedentary lifestyle is far more likely to come with less physical freedom and more illness than a physically active lifestyle. We choose to do things that we don’t want to do more often because the consequence is more immediate. We feel it sooner and therefore we force ourselves to do them. This is of course a pattern of the world. Feelings place a weight upon our shoulders to act or not act. The problem is that the action or inaction being impressed upon you may not always be the wisest or at all beneficial to anyone. In fact, it could be harmful. We are told to walk in the Spirit for this very reason. The flesh, with all of its compulsion and desire, is a poor guide. Like a leaf in the wind, your emotions are inconsistent at best and therefore should be taken into consideration but not mindlessly followed.

Your Heavenly Father sent His son to die on a cross for your sins, not because he wanted to, but because it was necessary for what he ultimately wanted for us. Salvation. As we follow Christ, our actions should reflect what we ultimately want, which is why we need to acknowledge God in all our ways, as Proverbs 3:6 tells us. Our desires need to be found in the Lord and in His word. We want Him glorified and lifted up, so we as his children do everything in our power to make room for that. You're self-discipline and good health habits play a bigger role than you may have realized.

Exercise exists in the healthy American life for the simple fact that most of us don’t naturally live active lives. Most of us sit when we do everything, don’t have physically demanding jobs, and travel by car. We are not living life naturally as God intended for mankind to have his existence. We were meant to travel by foot, lift, jump, pull, push, hold, carry, and so on. But our lives are lived in a world where convenience is king and less work is our favorite luxury. We don't have to do a lot of what our bodies were created to do and when we do, we're complaining. Our society has created the perfect opportunity for each of us to lose abilities God has given us by simply not using them. So, you may not want to exercise but consider what you do want and make your decision based on that. Find ways to get active that you enjoy. For example, my favorite way to exercise is with my family or outside. I love doing workouts with friends, playing sports, etc. I used to find lifting weights for 90 minutes enjoyable but I don't anymore. Maybe the way you think you have to do fitness is the reason you don't like working out. My suggestion would be to find something that's physically demanding that you want to do. Do you like to dance? Sign up for a class! Do you enjoy riding your bike? Put it on your schedule for 3 days a week and invite friends to join you. Have some fun and make the way you do fitness all the motivation you need. Head on over to for a program that will show you how to place Christ at the center of your journey and help you find your groove!

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