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4 Ways For Christians To Break Bad Health Habits

Have you ever heard someone who has expressed the desire or even the need to live a healthier lifestyle say something along the lines of, “I just can’t help it” in reference to a certain food or lazy activity? Have you ever heard a professing believer say these words? Maybe it was a friend or even yourself. Well, regardless of who you heard it from, the reality is that person was not speaking from truth but from feelings. Feelings that have been nurtured, validated, and supported for months or even years. What started as an innocent craving has become a gripping temptation. So how do we correct this issue? After all, someone who feels this way is likely struggling to make the positive changes in their health that will produce the results they deeply desire.

Let me start by saying that guilt and shame have no place in the ministry of helping people break free from poor health habits, but correction is appreciated by the wise. This is an attempt to help, not to hurt or heap shame on anyone.

Now, every true believer has been given power and authority over the enemy. This power enables us to resist the devil. Every true believer has been given the Holy Spirit with his fruit, including self-control. Every true believer has been given a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. When it comes to the reality of the Christian, we have been well equipped for the battle as long as we abide in Christ.

The Somewhat Harsh Reality

By walking in the spirit we do not gratify the desires of our flesh and thus are empowered to choose the truth over feelings. The truth provides a more lasting freedom as opposed to feelings which often provides only a temporary pleasure. So when it comes to late night ice cream night after night, being eaten by a believer who is pre diabetic, it is critical that the individual examine themselves and acknowledge whom they are walking in at those moments of weakness. It is so important that we don't minimize the reality of our actions for the sake of what we consider not to be a “big deal”. A little gossip, a little lie, a little giving into temptation. As I know personally, it adds up over time either around your waist or scattered around throughout various areas life. Again, this may sound like I’m saying that enjoying a cookie at the party is sinful and weak. That would be so hypocritical on my part. Instead I am speaking to and of the Christians who are gripped by a certain unhealthy habit or even lifestyle. There is a more deeply rooted problem than the daily stop at Wendy’s. We as believers must be aware of how the enemy attempts to ensnare us. We cannot properly resist the enemy unless we are open to seeing the weapon he is using on us.

What then is someone in this predicament to do about it?

1. Be Honest With Yourself. Do you feel gripped by an unhealthy or potential harmful habit? Go before the Lord in prayer about that thing.

2. Consider Why That Habit Exists. We cannot place all of the blame for our actions on the enemy though he does use our own ignorance against us. Examine your day and ponder how you may be setting yourself up for failure in that area.

3. Determine Alternative Actions. Instead of skipping lunch and showing up to your house starving without preparing healthy food ahead of time, try preparing food for the week on Sunday and include a lunch you can take to work. By allowing yourself to even consider that there is a different way and being open to it, you initiate a type of resistance that can set you free.

4. Take Action. It’s not enough to want it or even to have a plan. You must take action despite your feelings. Your default mentality and habitual ritual will take you on the same route if you don’t intentionally make a turn. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…” God’s power is made perfect in weakness. It will not be easy at first but over time you will notice a change within yourself that confirms your decision and bears fruit in your life. Make room for the Lord to move in your life and break chains today.

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