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The Health Transformation Program For Christians
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"If you're a Christian who's been having a hard time losing weight for good and breaking poor health habits, consider the power of Christ to change us in ways we cannot change ourselves. The FIT For Heaven program will guide you towards a Christ-centered approach to physical and habitual transformation, providing you with sustainable methods and a clear plan of attack."

-Mathew Gay, CEO of FIT Coach USA

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The FFH Devotional Guide

This guide enables you incorporate various aspects of your Christian faith on your health journey, and experience the power of God as a primary component of your health transformation. This is to help you break through the walls that have kept you trapped for so many years in your current physical and mental state.

The FFH Workout Program

This exercise program helps you to follow a well planned sequence of highly effective workouts, designed in a guided progressive format. This is so you can stimulate fat loss and enhance your overall physical condition, without having to spend countless hours in the gym or browsing the internet struggling to figure out what exercises to do and how.

Balance Health Nutrition Program

This course holds the secrets to learning key strategies for lifelong nutritional success on your health journey so you can filter the overwhelming amount of information being leaked by the fitness and nutrition industry and break free from the dieting mentality.

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Biblical Principles

Paul tells the church in Romans 12:2 not to be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, that by testing we may discern God's perfect will. This transformation comes from seeking God and reading His word. In this Christ-centered health transformation program we've placed the word of God at the center, using key biblical principals to help you reshape your body as well as your mind.

Workout Programming

Knowing that bodily training is of some value according to 1 Timothy 4:8 it is important for us as believers not to diminish its importance but find out what it is. The FIT For Heaven program provides a progressive formula of easy to follow workouts designed by National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist Matthew Gay. The program is designed to meet beginners where they are and thoughtfully guide them toward fat loss, functionality, and  increased overall physical fitness.

Proven Nutritional Strategy

Breaking free from the diet mentality can be so difficult when you live in a world overwhelmed by diets, detoxes, and quick tricks. Registered Dietitian and owner of Balance Health, Jessica Reed provides you with the education you need to make decisions about food based on food. Her weekly Nutrition Missions, accompanied by engaging videos, tasty recipes, and thoughtful printouts will provide you with the plan you need to make effective changes that produce lasting results.

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Our Training App

To make things simple we've placed every component of this program into one user-friendly app  that everyone on this program receives! This app makes it easy to keep a track of every piece of your transformation puzzle, including the ability to sync tracking devices and apps, as well as progress tracking capabilities, and in app messages which you'll be receiving daily throughout your 12 week transformation.

Private Facebook Group

The power of community should not be overlooked on any transformation journey. This Facebook group provides a continuous platform for sharing thoughts and experiences you have while on the program. Connecting with others who are able to relate to you and being supported by them will help you in so many ways. Once a month the creators of the program will go live to educate, encourage, and answer questions, while also interacting with participants throughout the week.

Staples Food List

This PDF checklist is your solution for determining ideal foods for healthy living to stock your pantry with. This ensures you have easy items to eat and prepare that won't derail your progress so you can stop beating yourself up over making poor choices because of the abundance of unhealthy items in your pantry.

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Every other week during your time in the program, Coach Matt hosts a group call with all of the current FFH participants to encourage, educate and answer questions. This brings everyone together and therefore plays a powerful role in the fellowship and support you receive through this program.



Our team wants to ensure that every member feels the weight of loving support and gracious accountability. That is why we monitor the FFH Facebook group daily, engaging with post. In addition to this you will be entered into a group chat with other believers in the program to chat and grow with.

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Josh had already started his fat loss journey through better eating and cycling but wanted to build muscle and learn about nutrition. Not only did he build confidence with resistance training and start building muscle, but learned how to eat to maintain his results for life.

Joshua B.


Toni started as a total beginner and week after week grew more encouraged and more intentional about her health. As a result she lost over 20lbs in 3 months and became the active dog rescuer she wanted to be for her pups.

Toni E


Mellissa was stuck and had tried everything from Keto and IF to detoxes and other weight loss supplement. She enjoyed exercise but was not seeing results. Melissa lost several inches throughout her body and has kept the weight off ever since.

Melissa P.

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Purchase the FIT For Heaven Program Today and Start Your 90 Day Transformation on Monday!

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Hilda S.

Hilda was tired and far from being in the shape she once was. After hearing of our launch in November of 2020 she jumped right at the opportunity. During the program, Hilda Lost 21LBS and began running again for the first time in years. She no longer felt lost when trying to order healthy food at restaurants and gained the confidence to continue her journey. Hilda, like many others, is a model FFH veteran!

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Matthew Gay

Husband to Katielynne Gay | Father of 2 | Certified Personal Trainer | Corrective Exercise Specialist | Weight Loss Specialist | Behavior Change Specialist

National Academy of Sports Medicine

Owner of FIT Coach USA 

Founder of FIT Church USA


Jessica Taylor Reed

Wife to Carter Reed | Mother of 2 Registered Dietitian

Undergrad from VA Tech

Masters from Central Michigan University

Owner of Balance Health

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Matt has trained me one-on- one or in groups off and on for 5+ years. His passion for helping people value their health is something special. He truly cares about my overall health... Spiritual, mental AND physical. His knowledge on exercising and dieting is vast and his faith is strong. He's a good man living and working passionately to help people achieve optimal overall health! I highly recommend him.

Kat K.



In the FIT For Heaven 12 Week Transformation program every participant will be faced with realizations and tasks that are better handled when support is present. As you consider coordinating your group, take into consideration the connections it will build and the ongoing accountability that will draw your members or employees together long after the program has been completed.


With the word of God as the foundation of our teachings throughout this program your group will be called to weigh emotions, habits, and their lifestyle with truth. Each week participants are met with a different supportive theme to educate and empower them on their health transformation journey, focusing everyday on progressively stepping into the newness of mind God calls us to.


As the body of Christ we are given a call to be the light of the world. Our very being holds meaning in the God we love and serve. We worship him not just with our mouths, but with our lives which includes our stewardship of that which God has given us. The body is gift. A vehicle designed for service and worship to the creator. Therefore, we place Christ at the center of physical wellbeing.

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